Wednesday, October 1, 2014

BREAKING NEWS - IamAmbulance Taking A Break Due To Political Pressure

BREAKING NEWS - IamAmbulance has been forced into taking a furlough after external political pressure has been exerted from draconian forces known only by euphemisms such as "work" and "family". When asked to explain why, IamAmbulance spokesperson, Null Lastname, was quoted in explaining, "F*ck you".

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CPF - Roy Ngerng Also Heckled Obese Children For Being Fat: Probably Wrong About #ReturnOurCPF

CPF - In the most recent escalation of the ReturnOurCPF saga, blogger Roy Ngerng has lost all credibility as a political activist after being accused by 2 well-rounded boys of calling them "Fat".

President of the Singapore TAF Club, Faye Neo, has described this as "heckling" and "disgraceful". 

"I remember when I was a young obese girl," said Ms Neo, "it was hard bearing all that weight. They used to call me "Fei Niu". It was so insulting because it was so witty. It was a heavy burden. My point is that young kids take insults very badly."

Mean People Are Probably Wrong
When asked what this had to do with the ReturnOurCPF social debate, Ms Neo said, "It shows that he is mean and probably wrong about the CPF thing. All the major newspapers should pick up on headline news like this."

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