Saturday, August 23, 2014

SMRT - Red Light Cameras To Enforce 'Traffic Lights'?

SMRT - Singaporeans question the purpose of SMRT's latest 'traffic lights' if they are not enforced. 

The revolutionary 'traffic lights' solution to over-crowded MRT cabins was recently launched by SMRT, local subway operator. The solution is touted as a success and to answer the locals' demands, SMRT has announced that they would be investing more money into expanding this use of technology to inform commuters on waiting times although not necessarily improving the waiting time itself (ST - Singaporeans Want More Traffic Lights).

Mr Ang Deng, a curious and jaunty Singaporean MRT commuter interviewed with IamAmbulance and pointed out that, "It is terrible. I have seen many Singaporeans not obeying the traffic lights. They do not slow down at the amber light and when the light is red they go in any way!"

We explained to Mr Ang that the traffic lights are not instructions for commuters to slow down or stop, and are more like friendly suggestions to indicate how long you would have to wait. 

To which he replied, "siao liao".

At Mr Ang's behest, IamAmbulance is currently initiating discussions with nobody from SMRT to propose fines for those who do not obey the lights or the installation of ERP gentries.

For no more information unless you pay, please read ST - Traffic Lights Indicate Wait Time.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Lust Stand - X-MEN NMP To Represent 'Balanced Treatment' Of Gay Marriage?

SINGAPORE - Thanks to a marriage of Marvel's fantastical plot twists and yet another fantastical groundbreaking decision by the Singapore authorities on banning comics, the NMP Select Committee may now consider an X-Men for Parliament.

Warbird - Appropriately Named

The appropriately named 'Warbird', a rather stunning female member of the X-Men, has taken a hardline stance against gay marriage, reportedly having said "I cannot...I do not recognize the validity of the ceremony vows...this is how i feel". 
This is a view that has received much support in local religious institutions, flash mobs and AskJesus hashtags - rich resources for choosing political leaders.

Comic depicts fictional notion of 2 men being happy and in love  
Although, even if chosen, it is unlikely that Warbird would take time off being an X-Men to take up the extremely tough (albeit part-time) role of being a Member of Parliament in Singapore which pays a meagre salary of S$16,000. On the upside we would probably throw in Singaporean citizenship as a freebie.

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